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MCTA offers several programs based on eligibilty. Use the button below to veiw the various options.

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Using the Pocono Pony Shared Ride program is easy, but there are a few key things to know.

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Shared Ride hosts an umbrella of services through the following programs. Each program has different eligibility requirements that are listed in the program links below. Program applications can also be downloaded from the program links below or acquired by calling (570) 839-6282 x 434.

Program Descriptions

If you are a senior citizen, age 65 or older and live more than 1/4 mile from our public fixed route, Shared Ride may be an option for you. Shared Ride serves many seniors throughout Monroe County who live in outlying areas or travel to areas where public transit is not accessible.
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The Rural Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Program is a transportation service that reduces the fare for eligible persons with disabilities lending affordable and accessible transportation. Persons with disabilities between the ages of 18 and 64 may travel anywhere in Monroe County with this program. If you live or travel within 3/4 of a mile from any MCTA fixed route, you will be required to use our ADA Fixed Route Program.
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(MATP) Medical Assistance Transportation Program is a transportation service funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. Consumers with Medical Assistance are eligible to receive transportation to medical appointments and services covered by Medical Assistance.
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Available to any Monroe County resident who is not eligible for any other MCTA shared ride program and must go to a medical appointment or a pharmacy.
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Shared Ride (paratransit) services are available to any registered user. Registration and use is open to the public for this Shared Ride program. However, programs are available to select populations who meet specific guidelines. These programs reduce the cost of the fare they may have to pay. For customers who do not qualify for special programs, they will be required to pay the full fare, which is based on a distance traveled basis.
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Key Points

Some things to keep in mind to make the reservation process easier:

Appointment Times

    Reservations must be made before noon the business day prior and 14 business days in advance.
    Call center is open between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.
    Schedule your first pickup between 9 AM and 2 PM for in-county trips when possible 1

Where are you going?
Know the following:

    Your customer number
    Pick-up address
    Date of Trip
    Appointment Time
    Any special needs 2
    Write down the Confirmation Number when provided by the Call Center Specialist

By Phone

Once you're enrolled, simply call MCTA at (570) 839-8210 x 1 to schedule your pickup and drop off. The Call Center specialist will help guide you through the process of booking your reservation. Please have the address where you are going available for the reservationist during the call.

By Email

Once you have used the phone to schedule a few appointments, you'll know what information you need to provide. You can skip the phone and send your reservation to MCTA by email to

Online Forms

Use the preferred method to provide trip information - the online form. This form is desgined to guide you through the process.
If the form does not load at first, please hit refresh on your web browser.

Round Trip Reservation Form One Way Reservation Form Three Legged Trip Reservation Form
1Some trips may be approved outside of the 9 AM to 2 PM time frame when medically necassary under very specific guidelines.
2Special needs include wheelchairs, walkers, visual imparements, attendants required, etc.

Frustration free transit at your fingertips.

Did you know MCTA has some of the most advanced online tools (at least to our knowledge) to keep you connected? The most web-savvy customers should never have the need to call MCTA. Passengers can book reservations, follow the up-to-the-minute approach of their vehicle, or cancel their appointment without picking up a phone. These tools can help you get things done.

Trip Cancel

Sometimes, you don't need to take the trip you reserved. Cancel your trip at least two hours in advance to avoid any penalties - call, do not use this form if it is less than two hours. Frequent late cancellations (less than 2 hours notice) may incur charges or disiplinary action.

Trip Cancellation Form
shared ride bus pickup

MCTA Online Tools.

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Policies. Keep you safe, protect the public

Policy Statements


MCTA will transport all wheelchairs and scooters as long as there is sufficient space in the vehicle, and the wheelchair does not block the aisle or exceed weight restrictions. MCTA will use a four-point securement system. Based on 90% fleet inventory, MCTA will transport a wheelchair and it's user as long as the lift or ramp can accommodate the size (within 34" x 50")and weight (600 pounds which includes the passenger and any bags), unless doing so would compromise safety or require a higher level of assistance than our transportation services can provide.

Service Animals

Persons with disabilities who use service animals may board with the service animal, as required under the ADA, regardless of fare category. Operators may ask any passenger if their animal is a service animal and/or if the animal assists them with their disability. Service animals are not required to be licensed or certified. Passengers using service animals must keep their animals under control and the animal must not pose a threat to other passengers. Failure to do so may result in the passenger being requested to exit the bus. If the animal is a pet, it must travel in a carrier.

Packages, Carts and Strollers

The aisles of a transit bus must be kept clear of obstructions. Should there be an emergency this could prevent escape or cause a tripping hazard. This includes packages, strollers, and carts or like items. Packages or items too cumbersome to be controlled by placing on one’s lap should be stowed under the seat. These items should not protrude into the aisle or block the aisle. Strollers, carts or like items should be folded and stowed securely in such a manner they are not blocking the aisle. First and foremost, children should be removed from the stroller during transport. Patrons must make every attempt to secure said items.


Shared Ride Regulations

  • Please have exact change when boarding the bus
  • Please stay seated when the bus is moving
  • All baby carriages must be secured
  • Do not distract the driver when the vehicle is in motion
  • Do not bother other passengers
  • No food or drinks allowed on any buses
  • No smoking allowed on any buses
  • No pets allowed on any buses / Only trained service animals are allowed (e.g.: guide dogs for the sight impared)
  • No large packages allowed or more than 3 shopping bags per client
  • Keep all of your belongings secure
  • Keep the volume of your cell phone or radio low
  • You must use your seatbelt on all Shared Ride vehicles - the bus will not move until you are buckled up
  • All children between the ages of 4 and 8 or weighing less than 80 pounds must be in a booster seat
  • No hazardous, toxic or explosive materials or weapons may be brought onto the bus


Disruptive Passengers

MCTA operators may ask persons to exit the vehicle after verification from dispatch or MCTA management. Persons may be removed from MCTA property by management or law enforcement for rule violations, depending upon severity. Upon request by the operator with a written statement of the violation that occurred, MCTA management will investigate and determine further actions if needed. All MCTA shared ride buses are equipped with video and audio equipment. Upon notice of an incident, the video from the bus involved shall be pulled and stored. These saved video events may be used for prosecution, training, and/or sanction proceedings.

Aggravated assult of a public transit vehicle operator is a felony in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 18 PA CS 2702 link

Video Surveillance

All MCTA buses have a multi-view video and audio recording system installed. This system records a minimum of five to as many as eight separate areas inside and outside the vehicle. These recordings are overwritten on the hard drive anywhere from one week to three weeks (or longer depending on how often the vehicle is used). MCTA does not keep archive data on all recordings, only those that involve a significant reported incident.


The Monroe County Transit Authority does not prohibit the carrying of properly licensed weapons on MCTA vehicles. Please note that MCTA vehicles may, and occasionally do, enter public and / or private property where firearms are specifically banned in the Commonwealth. Appropriate consequences under applicable laws apply.