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Fixed Route Service

A ride on our fixed route buses is quick and easy. Our service offer daily trips Monday through Saturday beginning at 6:00 AM. Please check our Routes for specific times and locations. Schedules are also available on all fixed route buses and at bus ticket locations. Bikes are welcome - click here for more information! Learn how to use our bus schedules and board the fixed route using the videos.

Where to Catch the Pocono Pony

Transit Planner

Planning your trip is just a click away. In the trip planner block below, enter your start, date, destination and time to find the next scheduled bus coming to your location.

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Bus Stops

Bus stop signs are posted at primary locations of each route. For customers convenience, riders may flag the bus at in-between points from safe and observable locations.

Red Route Blue Route Silver Route Green Route Eastburg X Shawnee Ski DEWA

Live Bus View

Use your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer to find the location of your bus. MCTA has each of our fixed route buses availible on a map so you can zoom it to see where your bus is in relation to where you are.

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Get MCTA alerts on Twitter @PonyAlerts to get advance warning of any service changes or delays.

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Ride2Ride - Ride your bike to the bus. MCTA buses are equipped with front loading bike racks. Load your bike and get to your destination quicker.

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Google Transit. An easy way to navigate the schedule.

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Planning your trip is just a click away. In the trip planner block to the right, enter your start, date, destination and time to find the next scheduled bus coming to your location. Now with real time data to alert you to delays and traffic.

Do you use a smartphone or tablet? Download the Google Maps app and use the Public Transit option.

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Realtime Bus View - Locate my bus!

Monday, July 22, 2024
MCTA service is Open.

Click here for a full screen view. This link will open a new page.

How to use the Bus Tracker: 1) Click on the route you need 2) Click on the bus going in your preferred direction or the stop your waiting at to find out the estimated arrival time.

Download the MyStop App for your device -

MyStop Tip

Did you know that when you use the app or the online tool, when you register an account you can set up text messaging notifications? That's right - you can you set an alert and get information about the real time arrival to any MCTA stop based on the day of the week and time of day!

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Policies. Keep you safe, protect the public

Policy Statements


The Monroe County Transportation Authority can safely accept most wheelchairs on its buses. Only those wheelchairs with a rider who exceeds the lift specifications or width of the narrowest part of the wheelchair pathway may be denied service. Most manual wheelchairs or popular motorized scooters are considered ADA compliant.


Use this link to learn how to use our on the bus bike racks.

Service Animals

Persons with disabilities who use service animals may board with the service animal, as required under the ADA, regardless of fare category. Operators may ask any passenger if their animal is a service animal and/or if the animal assists them with their disability. Service animals are not required to be licensed or certified. Passengers using service animals must keep their animals under control and the animal must not pose a threat to other passengers. Failure to do so may result in the passenger being requested to exit the bus. If the animal is a pet, it must travel in a carrier.

Packages, Carts and Strollers

The aisles of a transit bus must be kept clear of obstructions. Should there be an emergency this could prevent escape or cause a tripping hazard. This includes packages, strollers, and carts or like items. Packages or items too cumbersome to be controlled by placing on one’s lap should be stowed under the seat. These items should not protrude into the aisle or block the aisle. Strollers, carts or like items should be folded and stowed securely in such a manner they are not blocking the aisle. First and foremost, children should be removed from the stroller during transport. Patrons must make every attempt to secure said items.


Respect Others, Speak Softly

  • Allow customers in wheelchairs to board first
  • Have your fare ready when you board
  • Fold strollers* and carts before the vehicle arrives (*except wheelchair strollers)
  • Don't leave the Operator guessing - use the request cord/button to signal your stop
  • Seats are for Customers - No feet or belongings please
  • Yield Priority Seats to riders with disabilities and seniors
  • Be nice and offer seats to parents with small children
  • Your safety and comfort are important. Honor requests from operators or other MCTA staff
  • Respect others, speak softly and avoid abusive language
  • Practice cell phone courtesy by setting ring tones to vibrate, using an inside voice and avoid two-way talk
  • Use earphones or headphones for your listening pleasure; set on low
  • No smoking, vaping or other smokeless tobacco use permitted on vehicles
  • Cooked or prepared foods don't mix with transit travel - take your meal home to eat
  • Keep MCTA clean. Dispose of trash and recyclables properly
  • No hazardous, toxic, or explosive materials may be brought onto the bus


Disruptive Passengers

MCTA operators may ask persons to exit the vehicle after verification from dispatch or MCTA management. Persons may be removed from MCTA property by management or law enforcement for rule violations, depending upon severity. Upon request by the operator with a written statement of the violation that occurred, MCTA management will investigate and determine further actions if needed. All MCTA Fixed route buses are equipped with video and audio equipment. Upon notice of an incident, the video from the bus involved shall be pulled and stored. These saved video events may be used for prosecution, training, and/or sanction proceedings.

Aggravated assult of a public transit vehicle operator is a felony in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 18 PA CS 2702 link

Video Surveillance

All MCTA buses have a multi-view video and audio recording system installed. This system records a minimum of five to as many as eight separate areas inside and outside the vehicle. These recordings are overwritten on the hard drive anywhere from one week to three weeks (or longer depending on how often the vehicle is used). MCTA does not keep archive data on all recordings, only those that involve a significant reported incident.


The Monroe County Transit Authority does not prohibit the carrying of properly licensed weapons on MCTA vehicles. Please note that MCTA vehicles may, and occasionally do, enter public and / or private property where firearms are legally prohibited by statute in the Commonwealth. Appropriate consequences under applicable laws apply.