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Fares and Passes

Fare TypeAdultStudent 1Half Fare5
One Way Fare2$ 1.50 $ 1.00$ 0.75
MoGo Daily Pass$ 3.00$ 2.00$ 1.50
MoGo 7 Day Pass$ 15.00$ 10.00$ 7.50
MoGo 30 Day Pass$ 50.00$ 35.00$ 25.00
MoGo Semester Pass4-$ 150.00-
MoGo Annual Pass$ 500.00$ 330.00$ 250.00
Seniors over the age of 65 ride free!5

Cash Fares or MoGo Cards Only. No credit cards accepted on the buses (but it's on the way!).
1Valid student ID must be presented when purchasing and using fares or passes.
2Transfers are included and valid for up to two hours traveling in the same direction.
4Semester Pass valid for 155 consecutive days from first use. All student MoGo cards become inactive on June 30, 2022. They can be replaced, along with the value stored on them, by contacting MCTA.
5Click here for more information on our Half Fare for the Disabled and Medicare Card Holder Program!
Children under 44" ride free with an accompanying individual.
Each pass type is consecutive days. So, the 7 Day Pass, if activated on Monday will expire the following Sunday, regardless of the number of trips used.

MoGo Transit Card

MCTA has a single use, reloadable "smart card" system. The MoGo Transit Card stores the value you purchase. The intial activation cost of the MoGo Transit Card is $1.
Buy your MoGo Transit Card at one of our locations throughout the county or on the bus. Add a pass or best fare to the card. Use the card on the bus by holding the card next to the reciever. Check the balance of your MoGo Card by entering your card number.
Protect the value of your card from accidental loss. Register your card and MCTA will be able to replace your card if lost or stolen. Simply complete the form below. In the instance that your card is lost, contact MCTA.
Reload value on your MoGo Transit Card on the bus or at MCTA. Montly passes can be bought online, in advance without incuring the $1 card fee when you provide your current card number during the transaction.
MoGo Transit Card

MoGo Card Sunset - December 31, 2024

MCTA will be moving on to better things. Coming soon, MCTA will be accepting credit cards, Apple and Google Pay, and CashApp - right on the bus. Click here for more info.

Period Pass and Best Fare

Board the bus and use cash to add to your MoGo card. There are two easy ways to load fares.

Period Pass credit_card

The MoGo Transit Card is the best value when you travel often. Passengers can add value to the MoGo Transit Card on the bus or at MCTA. From the time of first use for the type of pass purchased, the passenger can take unlimited trips as a Day, 7 Day, 30 Day, Semester or Yearly pass. Each pass type is consecutive days. So, the 7 Day Pass, if activated on Monday, will expire the following Sunday, regardless of the number of trips used. When the pass period expires, a new pass or Best Fare can be reloaded on the card.

Checking your card balance is as easy. Use our new MoGo Card Balance tool to get up to date transactions on your MoGo Card.

Best Fare payments

The MoGo Transit Card also can keep cash value that is not a pass. Depending on the amount of money on the card, the system will automatically select the Best Fare based on the number of trips the passenger took in a particular day, so if more than three trips are made in any one day, the most value used on the card will be $3.00. When the cash balance gets low on the card, it can be reloaded, with cash, up to $20 on the bus.

This system is different than most because it uses really smart technology and proven hardware. There is a farebox where you will always be able to put cash and coins (and tickets until they are all gone). There is a small computer the bus operator will use to count the number of passengers. And there is a 'contactless' smart card reader that will be used with our new passes listed above. Cities like Washington DC, Boston and Chicago use a similar technology.

Where to Buy a MoGo Transit Card


On The Bus

Passengers can purchase the MoGo Transit Card with cash on the bus. Pass types available for on the bus purchase are Daily Pass, 7 Day Pass and up to $20 Best Fare cash. Since the MoGo Transit Card is reuseable, these passes and cash value can be reloaded on the bus as well. There is a charge of $1 for the initial card activation.


MCTA is pleased to offer Daily, 7 Day, 30 Day and yearly passes online through PayPal. Adult and ADA fares are available online. Cards are mailed via US Post Office.

Walk Up

7 Day Adult Passes can be purchased at the following locations for $16 (includes $1 activiation fee):

    MCTA, 134 MCTA Dr., Swiftwater (all pass types sold during normal business hours)
    Career Link, Merchants Plaza, Rt. 611, Tannersville
    RSVP, 411 Main St., Stroudsburg


About the Student Card

MoGo Cards are great for students enrolled at area school districts, NCC, and ESU. These special encoded cards will allow for the student fare to be deducted on the bus. Our new pass program will allow for easy re-loading at the farebox. The MoGo Card and passes are available at the following locations for the Spring 2020 Semester. Proof of current enrollment at an approved educational institution is required for purchase.

Retail Locations

Pass Types

• The Semester Pass is $150 and provides 155 days of continous unlimited service.
• The Student 30 Day Pass is $35 and provdes 30 continuous days of service.
• The Student 7 Day Pass is $10 and provides seven days of continuous service.

How to Use the Card and Pass

Purchase a Student MoGo Card for $1.00 at NCC or ESU. When you purchase your card, you can also purchase a pass to add to your card. Take your card and the certificate to the bus and the bus operator will add the pass to your MoGo Card. The certificate will go in the farebox.

You can purchase additional passes during the semester to add to your MoGo Card so you never have to worry about boarding the bus without fare on your card.

All Fall 2022 / Spring 2023 student cards expired June 30, 2023. IMPORTANT! If you have an inactive card, please contact Rich at (570) 243-3432 to have your balance transfered to a new card!

Keep the Change. Reload your MoGo Transit Card and get the fare you need.

Online Sales

MoGo Transit Card Sales

Adult Passes

The price includes a $1 initial activation fee (except the year pass). Each pass type is consecutive days. So, the 7 Day Pass, if activated on Monday, will expire the following Sunday, regardless of the number of trips used. Cards are mailed via US Post Office.

ADA Passes

ADA MoGo Transit Cards are available for registered, eligible patrons. Please contact Sharon at 570 839-6282 x 434 for more information. Cards are mailed via US Post Office.

Re-Load Registered Adult Monthly Pass

Skip the new card activitation fee if you already have a Registered MoGo Card.
Simply enter your old card number in the "Add special instructions to the seller" field during payment, wait for your reload certificate to come by mail and then present it to the bus driver the next time you board. Certificates are mailed via US Post Office.

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MoGo Transit Card Services

MoGo Card Balance

MoGo Card balance as of

Pass Added
Pass and EPurse Added
Used Pass
EPurse Added
Used EPurse
EPurse Upgraded to One Day Pass

Protect Your Card. It's for your use only.

Register your card and MCTA will be able to replace your card if lost or stolen. Simply complete the form. In the instance that your card is lost, contact MCTA.

Register Your MoGo Card

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Next Generation Fare Payment System

Coming Soon!

MCTA will be rolling out a new fare payment system that uses bank cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Cash App. The current MoGo card system will close down on December 31, 2024.

More details will be coming soon, but here are some key points:

  • Use the same credit card, Apple Pay, or Cashapp Card every time.
  • Pay as you go for daily, weekly, and monthly passes.
  • Cash will still be accepted.

Why is MoGo Ending?

After 10 years of excellent service from the MoGo Card system, the equipment is getting tired and in need of replacement.