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Transit in the Park 2014!

Spring is Here!

As the snow and ice retreats from the hills and lakes, we can begin thinking about the 2014 Transit in the Park season. MCTA will be providing service from Delaware Water Gap borough to Milford this summer. DWGNRA has authorized the opening of Milford Beach and Kittattany Point, however we are unable to travel to NJ at this time. Check back here in the next few weeks for updates as to service for 2014. See you soon on the river!

The Pocono Pony River Runner makes it easy to get around destinations in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Our transportation service provides portage for people, boats, bikes and more. Free service will operate each weekend from Memorial Day weekend (starting Saturday, May 24, 2014) through Labor Day including Indpendence Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day (ending Monday, September 1, 2014).

The service will start in Delaware Water Gap Borough and go to Milford Beach and Milford Borough.

Proposed Schedule - as of April 14, 2014

River Runner
1. Martz7:00:009:00:0011:00:0012:00:0013:00:0016:00:00
2. DWG Park and Ride7:02:009:02:0011:02:0012:02:0013:02:0016:02:00
3. Shawnee Inn7:08:009:08:0011:08:0012:08:0013:08:0016:08:00
4. Smithfield Beach7:23:009:23:0011:23:0012:23:0013:23:0016:23:00
5. Fernwood7:38:009:38:0011:38:0012:38:0013:38:0016:38:00
6. Bushkill Access7:45:009:45:0011:45:0012:45:0013:45:0016:45:00
7. Toms Creek7:50:009:50:0011:50:0012:50:0013:50:0016:50:00
8. PEEC10:10:00
9. Dingman's Access 8:05:0010:25:0012:05:0013:05:0014:05:0017:05:00
10. Milford Beach8:25:0010:45:0012:25:0013:25:0014:25:0017:25:00
11. Downtown Milford8:35:0010:55:0012:35:0013:35:0014:35:0017:35:00

River Runner
11. Downtown Milford9:00:0011:00:0013:00:0014:00:0015:00:0018:00:00
10. Milford Beach9:05:0011:05:0013:05:0014:05:0015:05:0018:05:00
9. Dingman's Access9:25:0011:25:0013:25:0014:25:0015:25:0018:25:00
8. PEEC15:35:00
7. Toms Creek9:37:0011:37:0013:37:0014:37:0015:50:0018:37:00
6. Bushkill Access9:42:0011:42:0013:42:0014:42:0015:55:0018:42:00
5. Fernwood9:47:0011:47:0013:47:0014:47:0016:00:0018:47:00
4. Smithfield Beach10:07:0012:07:0014:07:0015:07:0016:20:0019:07:00
3. Shawnee Inn 10:22:0012:22:0014:22:0015:22:0016:35:0019:22:00
2. DWG Park and Ride10:29:0012:29:0014:29:0015:29:0016:42:0019:29:00
1. Martz10:34:0012:34:0014:34:0015:34:0016:47:0019:34:00
Delaware Water Gap Connector
Weis Tannersville6:37:008:37:0011:37:00
Stroudsburg High School7:48:008:48:0011:48:00
1. Martz DWG7:58:008:58:0011:58:00

Delaware Water Gap Connector
1. Martz DWG14:40:0017:00:0020:40:00
Stroudsburg High School14:50:0017:10:0020:50:00
Weis Tannersville15:11:0017:21:0020:11:00

The River Runner bus route provides access to Smithfield Beach, boat launches and hiking trails along the McDade Trail.

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for our program. Riders entering "expanded fee" areas will not be charged the entry cost when using the River Runner bus. Please note - Parking and use of the lauch at Shawnee Inn is for guests of Shawnee Inn only.

Coming from Monroe County? Take the Delaware Water Gap Connector from MCTA in Swiftwater, Tannersville (Weis Market parking lot), Stroudsburg High School / Westgate (from the Dreher Avenue side) and take the bus directly to your drop off point.

Bring or Rent

Need a canoe or kayak? Kittatinny Canoes offer canoe and kayak rentals. Look for their booth across the street from the Dingman's Access. Need a bike? Edge of the Woods Outfitters will offer bike rentals at Smithfield Beach. For a list of outfitters in DWGNRA area, check the 800Poconos Website.

About the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area spans two states (New Jersey and Pennsylvania), five counties and encompasses the length of the Delaware River from Milford, PA to just below Delaware Water Gap, PA.

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