Monroe County Transit Authority
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Pocono Pony Transit Planner
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Welcome Aboard The Pocono Pony
The Pocono Pony is your transit connection throughout Monroe County and neighboring communities. MCTA has been your source for Public Transportation in Monroe County for 35 years. We offer four Public Fixed Routes, and we also offer a Shared Ride Service to meet all your transit needs.

MoGo Transit Card
Available for sale on all buses starting July 1, 2014. Use the MoGo Transit Card to automatically store and use passes and cash value to receive discounts on transit fare.
Don't Get Passed Up
Use your cellphone screen to signal the bus driver when waiting at a dark bus stop. Unlock the screen (or flip the phone open) and face the lighted screen towards the bus.

Mission Statement
The mission of the MCTA is to enhance the mobility of the people who live or work in Monroe County, Pennsylvania for the purposes of offering access to quality-of-life activities, including, but not limited to, health care, shopping, education, recreation, public services and employment.

Construction season is setting up in the Poconos. Check here for ongoing route alignment changes.
Red Route service alignment required to divert away from the bridge on Ridgeway in East Stroudsburg borough. Click here for more information.
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