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Senior Services

Community mobility is a vital component to the quality of our lives. Public Transportation is a valuable resource that assists older adults with physical and cognitive impairments to make vital connections within the community. To meet the vas and individual needs of seniors in our community, Monroe County Transit Authority Pocono Pony offers a variety of transportation services with your needs in mind.

Senior Transit Pass

If you are a senior, age 65 or older, you can ride any public fixed route, FREE! Learn more about our Senior Transit Pass and how to apply.

Shared Ride for Seniors

Shared Ride for Seniors is a program for seniors, age 65 or older, who live more than 1/4 mile from any public fixed route or who are traveling in areas outside of our fixed route service. This program helps to defray transportation costs among seniors traveling in rural areas. Shared Ride for Seniors provides services throughout all of Monroe County and neighboring communities. Learn more about Shared Ride for Seniors, how to apply and its fare structure.

Out of County Services

Seniors in Monroe County now have more options to more places. In addition to destinations throughout Monroe County, Seniors can now travel outside the county on our North, South, and Pike Loops. To learn more about services outside Monroe County as well as transportation to Veteran's Services, visit our Out of County Services.

Transportation Escorts for Seniors

"A Transportation Escort is an individual who accompanies a client to support their physical, cognitive or social needs." Seniors who are unable to ride public transportation independently may request an escort to assist them. All escorts must be over the age of 18 and be capable of providing all necessary supports. There is no fee for escorts who are accompanying individuals requiring assistance. For more information on riding with an escort, phone 570-839-6282 x434.

Examples of How Escorts may Assist Individuals in Need on Public Transportation:

Preparing for the trip
Getting to the vehicle
Escorting an individual to/from their destination/shopping
Accompanying an individual to an appointment
Completing paperwork
Assisting with interpreting information
Relaying information to family/caregivers
Accompanying an individual to a social event