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Monroe County Transit Authority

Public Shared Ride Services

Shared Ride (paratransit) services are available to any registered user. Registration and use is open to the public for this Shared Ride program. However, programs are available to select populations who meet specific guidelines. These programs reduce the cost of the fare they may have to pay. For customers who do not qualify for special programs, they will be required to pay the full fare, which is based on a distance traveled basis.

If you are unable to get eligibilty for any of these programs, you will be required to pay the full fare. The table below breaks out the cost:

ZoneDistanceYou Pay
Zone 10 - 4 Miles$13.00
Zone 24.1 -8 Miles$16.00
Zone 38.1 - 12 Miles$19.00
Zone 412.1 - 16 Miles$22.00
Zone 516.1+ Miles$27.00
Out of County Loops$42.00

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