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Meet our new buses! From left to right: Cocoa, Violet, Sweet Pea, Sunny, Rosie, Azul, Clementine and Midnight

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2014 News Happening

"An Athlete's Amazing Journey"

Meet Ben Jackson, an amazing young athlete. Despite the fact that Ben suffers from Cerebral Palsy, no sport is boyond his capability. Ben is training for the 2016 Paralympics.

Read his Story
Ben Jackson
ben jackson


"Corona Cafe and Deli Support the MoGo Transit Fare Card"

Friday, September 5, 2014 folks at the Corona Cafe and Deli located in Swiftwater wore our MoGo T shirts. Monroe County Transit thanks our friends for supporting our new MoGo Transit Fare Card that rolled out July 1st. of this year.

Mogo Friday at Corona Cafe
corona cafe


"MCTA at the West End Fair"

MCTA had another great year at the West End Fair. This year we introduced our MoGo Shuffle Board which proved to be a hit. Kids also had their picture taken with Miles, the Mascot.

2014 First Place Winner, West End Fair
first prize at 2014 west end fair



"MCTA Holds a MoGo Contest"

MCTA held a MoGo Contest to market their new upcoming Transit Card at the 2014 Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce Expo. The winner received a Kindle Fire HD tablet.
Angelica Simmons was the lucky winner of this contest. Congratulations Angelica!


"Hometown Heros"

Shared Ride Manager Chuck Margretta and Fixed Route Bus Operator Charile Santiago worked together to help find two lost teens. Follow the story here: Link to Pocono Record article from Saturday, January 4, 2014.



2013 News Happening

"Horse of a Different Color"

On Monday, December 23, 2013, MCTA Pocono Pony passengers will be stepping into brand new buses on the fixed route system. While Pocono Pony buses are known to be a distinctive green and blue color, these new buses introduce the "Horse of a Different Color". Each bus has its own unique exterior and interior color - however the graphics on the outside of the bus make it clear they belong to the Pocono Pony.

The new buses are all 35 foot long, low floor, low-emission diesel vehicles providing more capacity for our increasing ridership. Each bus will have its own color based 'theme.' The interior is matched with a complimentary palette to the exterior color. "Spending time in an MCTA bus is one part of the rich experience we wish to provide to our customers" says Peggy Howarth, Executive Director of the Monroe County Transit Authority. Ms. Howarth continues, "Many passengers spend 40 minutes or more using our service and we would like for them to be as pleased with the comfort and aesthetics of our buses as they are with the professionalism of our drivers."

The new buses are equipped with the latest digital technology for public transportation. The new farebox will permit the use of the new MoGo transit card. Seniors, 65 or older are able to request one now. Starting January 6, 2014, NCC students will be able to purchase a semester pass at the bookstore. In July 2014, passengers will be able to purchase and reload the card on the bus.

Other new technology MCTA has introduced permits passengers to find schedule and location information for the bus. The Pocono Pony website:, can be accessed using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Passengers can use Google Maps to plan a trip or use the schedule information on the website. Specific bus location information can also be found on the website using the live bus view.

For photos: click here.

In the Spotlight-
Eight brand new buses roll out, all of a different color.


Aubrey Boyd, "Name our New Fare Card" Contest Winner

MCTA is set to unvail a new fare card in early Fall of 2013. The new electronic fare card system will offer riders greater ease of use, as well as cost saving options to pay for transit. In March 2013, we announced our new electronic fare system at the Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce's, 2013 Business and Community Expo. Ms. Aubrey Boyd was the winner of our "Name our New Fare Card" Contest. Look for our new tag line, "MoGo" on our new "Miles to Go" Transit Card coming soon!


Professional Golden Gloves Boxer, Vincent Shomo is a loyal rider of MCTA'S Pocno Pony

MCTA Business Development and Marketing Specialist, Jane Doyle, sat down with Vince on January 29, 2013 for an indepth interview of his life long journey as a professional boxer, and how he now spends his retired days.
It is a captivating story.
Monroe County Seniors' Express Times

Read more about Vincent in the Pocono Record.
Man of Steel is there for his Neighbors

Rider Spotlight -
Vincent Shomo, Golden Gloves Boxer.
Vince Shomo