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MoGo - Miles to Go Transit Card

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A Fare Style for Every Budget
mogo card

What is the MoGo Card?
* An electronic fare card similar to a credit/debit card.
* Used to pay your fare.
* Can be reloaded over and over.
* Carries fare passes of your choice.
How does it Work?
* A microchip inside your card stores all the information.
* A simple tap on the card reader, reads the card and deducts your fare.
Why Should I get a MoGo Card?
* The MoGo Card is "Smart"
* You always have the exact change.
* You always pay the "best fare" suited to your need.
* If you lose your "registered" card, you don't lose the value on your card.
Where can I purchase my MoGo Card?
* Your MoGo card can be purchased and loaded on a bus, by phone or by visiting our office.

What's your MoGo Style?

day pass
week pass
month pass
year pass
student semester pass

MoGo Card Holder Agreement

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About Your MoGo Card
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Reload the Card on the Bus
Use the MoGo Card often! The more you ride, the more you save!