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Pocono Pony Transit Planner
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How to Ride

A ride on our Stallions is quick and easy. Our Stallions offer daily bus service Monday through Friday beginning at 5:40 AM and Saturday beginning at 7:13 AM. Please check our Routes for specific times and locations. Schedules are also available on all fixed route buses and at bus ticket locations.

Learn how to use our bus schedules and board the Stallions using the videos below.

Pocono Pony Transit Planner

Planning your trip is just a click away. In the trip planner block above, enter your start, date, destination and time to find the next scheduled bus coming to your location.

Bus Stops

Bus stop signs are posted at primary locations of each route. For customers convenience, riders may flag the bus at in-between points from safe and observable locations.


Your source for information on the go. Use your cellphone or download the app to your Android or iOS device and get the schedule. Or, you can use your cell phone's text messaging service to find out when the next bus is scheduled to arrive at your location. Location codes are posted at primary bus stops or can be found using this Routeshout Location Codes. Text your location code to 25252 and you will get a response with the next time the bus will be at that location.

Seats are for Customers - No feet or belongings please
Yield Priority Seats to riders with disabilities and seniors
Be nice and offer seats to parents with small children
When talking to others, please no loud or abusive language
Practice cell phone courtesy by setting ring tones to vibrate, using an inside voice and avoiding two-way talk
Use earphones or headphones for your listening pleasure; set on low
Your safety and comfort are important. Honor requests from operators or other MCTA staff
No smoking on vehicles
Cooked or prepared foods don't mix with transit travel
Take your meal home to eat
Your safety and comfort are important. Honor requests from operators or other MCTA staff
No smoking on vehicles
Keep MCTA clean. Dispose of trash and recyclables properly
Fold strollers* and carts before the vehicle arrives (*except wheelchair strollers)
Have your fare ready when you board
Don't leave the Operator guessing - use the request cord/button to signal your stop
Allow customers in wheelchairs to board first
*List Adapted from SEPTA