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Pocono Pony Transit Planner

Online Ticket Sales

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All online ticket sales will be charged $.50 cents per item for shipping via USPS. The Pocono Pony Liztech pin will cost $2.00 for shipping. There is no tax on bus tickets.

Walk-Up Tickets Sales

Books of Tickets can be purchased at the following locations:

MCTA, MCTA Dr., Swiftwater
Career Link, Merchants Plaza, Rt. 611, Tannersville
RSVP, 411 Main St., Stroudsburg
KNBT, Rt. 209, Brodheadsville
NCC Bookstore, Monroe Campus (NCC Student tickets only)
JBirds, Crystal St., East Stroudburg
ESU Student Activities Association at University Center 2nd Floor (Student tickets only)

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