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Pocono Pony Transit Planner
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Route Deviation Services The Symbol of Accessibility

Route Deviation Services are available to persons with disabilities whose disability prevents them from getting to a regular bus stop. Under safe provisions, Route Deviation permits a fixed route bus to leave its route to provide Origin to Destination service up to 3/4 of a mile without additional cost. For more information on this service, call (570) 839-6282 x 434.

The Symbol of AccessibilityADA Complementary Paratransit Services

ADA "Complementary Paratransit" Services are available to persons with disabilities whose disability prevents them from using the Fixed Route system due to a disability or health realted condition. Paratransit is available for trips with origins and destinations within 3/4 of a mile of any fixed route. Services are offered during public fixed route operations. Fares are twice the normal fixed route fare. Call (570) 839-6282 x 434 to request an application or download your application below.
For verification of disability, we have contracted with Pocono Medical Center's Occupational Medicine Office. Please call the Occupational Medicine Office at (570) 476-3336 to schedule your appointment. Your completed application must be brought with you to your appointment and the Occupational Medicine Office will mail it directly to MCTA. There is no fee to see the doctor and free transportation to the appointment can be arranged upon request by calling (570) 839-6282 x 434.

download iconADA Complementary Paratransit Application

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The Symbol of AccessibilityADA Braille Route Cards

Public Transportation is a major key to independence, productivity and community participation for people who are visually impaired. With the help from members at the "Center for Vision Loss" located at 4215 Manor Dr., Stroudsburg, MCTA created Braille Route Cards to help indviduals with visual impairments identify the route and direction they wish to travel. Braille Route Cards help drivers assist passengers to board the correct bus with ease.

Braille Route Cards are available free of charge by calling the marketing team at 570-839-6282 x 425 / x426.