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Trips to Shows, Dining, Entertainment

Monroe County Transit Pocono Pony provides trips for groups and individuals to points of in and around Monroe County, Monday through Friday.

Seniors and other eligible populations receive subsidized rates for public transportation to Lunch, Shopping, Shows, Live Entertainment and more.

Take a look at some of the places where people are traveling using the Pocono Pony.
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For more information, contact the marketing team.
Contact: Tony Giudice at 570-839-6282 x425 or
Jane Doyle at 570-839-6282 x426.

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The Crucible

the crucible

Shawnee Playhouse
Friday, March 20, 2015

A Tony Award Winning Play
Written by Playright, Arthur Miller, a prominent figure in 20th Century American Theater

A dramatic and partially fictionalized portrayal of the Salem Witch Trials reflecting Miller's involvement in the era of McCarthyism and anti-communist activities.

To book your ride, please call 570-839-6282 x 425 or x 426. All rides must be reserved by Feb. 12th.


1953 Tony Award Winner


Group Rate $11

The Public is Welcome

Transportation Copay:
Start at just $1.50 one way.
Subsidies apply to Seniors age 65+ and to some other eligible riders.

Copays are based on the distance a rider travels.





Check back soon for an updated schedule of more up-coming events.



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